Announce: Gnome Clipboard Manager beta-3 (gcm)


Gnome Clipboard Manager beta-3 (gcm)


GNOME Clipboard Manager (GCM) is an application for managing selections
and clipboards. It auto-collects selections on a shelf and has the
option to choose which selections are to be pasted. Selections can be
edited, manually created, deleted, copied, and pasted. The available
selection types are clipboard, primary, secondary, or a custom atom. You
can choose which target (Text, html, richtext, custom) you want to
retrieve. You can save/load items to/from an XML file, and dock gcm as a
GNOME-panel applet. You can send/receive items to/from another host
running Gcm (unfinished). A Gnome 2.0 port is also available (which has
no working PanelApplet support -> not enough documenation available).

Latest screenshot (with some animations):
A screenshot with the Applet:
Older screenshot of the Gnome 2.0 version:
Gnome 1.0 version vs. Gnome 2.0 version:

Enhancements - fixes
* Support for multiple targets (compound_text, text/html, text/richtext)
* Clipboard Ring (limit max. amount of collected items)
* Completion of the Gnome 2.0 port (not in this release, checkout the
  gcm2 module in the CVS)
* Added some advanced options like...
 - Enable/Disable unselect-all after collecting new item
 - Enable/Disable followingscrollbar when collecting new items
 - Enable/Disable select-new after collecting new item
* Some small memleak fixes
* .. -I should update our ChangeLog more frequently, I forgot a lot
  enhancements ;)-

TODO for a first release

* End-user documentation
* A nice icon and logo
* Support for sending items to another host running Gcm
 (will use XML and GNet)

Plans for next versions
* One item can contain multiple targets (text, html, richtext)
  Gcm can deliver those targets if asked for by the application
  that wants the selectiondata.
* Requesting a selection will ask for the TARGETS target and
  then attach all received targets to the new item.
* More and better compatibility with and Mozilla
* (Perl) Plugins that will convert text/html targets to 
  for example text/richtext targets (so copypasting formatted
  text between Mozilla and should then work.. we
  hope. Well, lets first get the basics working -first two ideas-)
* Improving: sending items to another host running gcm
* Saving and Loading from XML will have to be rewritten so
  that all received targets in the item are saved/loaded.. hmm
  probably most of gcm will have to be rewritten ;-)
* Only in the Gnome 2.0 port : A new item-editing window with
  some advanced features which will for example use the TextView
  widget :
  - Vertical selecting
  - Crop selection
  - gtkhtml for text/html targets
  - etc..
* Binary clipboards 
  - Write a Gimp plugin to get the selected image-data -or is that
    already possible with TheGimp without writing a plugin? It should
    be (If not.. /me looks angry to the TheGimp developpers)-
  - Deliver image-data the way does it when copy-
    pasting images.

As you can see; we have enough ideas :-).. the only problem is
time and developpers. So All help, suggestions and documentation
is/are very appreciated! (checkout our mailinglist)



export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous cvs gcm sourceforge net:/cvsroot/gcm'
cvs login

# For the Gnome 1.0 version of Gnome Clipboard Manager :
cvs -z3 co gcm

# For the Gnome 2.0 port of Gnome Clipboard Manager :
cvs -z3 co gcm2


Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @

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