ANNOUNCE: Enlightened Sound Daemon 0.2.27

Enlightened Sound Daemon 0.2.27 (codename Sahara) has been released.


EsounD (the Enlightened Sound Daemon) is a server process that allows
multiple applications to share a single sound card.


- Support for SunRay (Stephen Browne)
- Manpages (from Debian)


- Fix build on Solaris (Shivaram)
- Fix endianess problem with ALSA (Jack Howarth, Takashi Iwai)
- Fix locking at end of audio stream (Santiago Otero)
- Fix size of allocated string for daemon spawn (Alex Larsson)
- Fix socket directory test (Diago SantaCruz)
- use C compiler for test (Debian)
- output open socket message on stderr (Debian)
- Check if strtok is available on system (Debian)


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