GNOME-PIM 1.4.7 "The Mummy Returns"

                               GNOME-PIM 1.4.7

This is a bug fix release for GNOME-PIM, the GNOME Personal Information
Manager. GNOME-PIM includes an iCal based calendar and a vCard based
address book application.

This release fixes a severe segfault that started to occur just recently.
It also features updated translations:

  * Finnish (Tarmo Toikkanen)
  * Swedish (Christian Rose)
  * French (Christophe Merlet)
  * Norwegian (bokmål) (Kjartan Maraas)
  * Vietnamese (new) (pclouds)

GNOME-PIM 1.4.7 is available at:

The GNOME 2 Porting Effort

The effort to port GNOME-PIM to the GNOME 2 platform, while modernizing
its code base at the same time, is going on well. We have released an
early preview version, dubbed 1.90.0 "Look, It's Behind You", available at

For the current development efforts, see the gnome-pim-2-branch branch
in GNOME CVS's gnome-pim module. Currently, the MIME Directory code
(used for vCard and iCal information) is being rewritten in a GObject
compatible manner. The next experimental release will feature the GNOME
Calendar ported to this code.

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