ANNOUNCE: gtkglextmm 0.4.0

Hello everyone,

gtkglextmm version 0.4.0 has been released.

gtkglextmm is a C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt, OpenGL extension to GTK.
It enables C++ programmers to write OpenGL applications with gtkmm2.

This is the official announcement of gtkglextmm.
In addition to UNIX platforms, Win32 platform is also tested and
officially supported.

This release is tested under RedHat Linux 7.3 and Windows XP with

  * gtkmm 1.3.18
  * GTK+ 2.0.5
  * GCC 3.1 or 2.96

Could you please try it and tell me your comments?

General Information

gtkglextmm is C++ wrapper for GtkGLExt, OpenGL Extension to GTK.

The official web site is:

The official download & development information site is:

Supported Platforms

Currently gtkglextmm supports

  * UNIX platforms
      Tested under Linux (RedHat 7.3).

  * Win32 platforms
      Tested under Windows XP Professional using MinGW/Cygwin

Thank you,

Naofumi Yasufuku  <naofumi users sourceforge net>

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -- Alan Kay

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