librsvg 2.0.1, eel 2.0.1, and nautilus 2.0.1

New versions of:

- librsvg, the GNOME SVG rendering library

- Eel, the Eazel Extension Library


- Nautilus, the GNOME file manager

are available for download at:

Major changes since the last versions:

librsvg 2.0.1

- Fixed misrender of the ScalableGorilla trashcan.

eel 2.0.1

- UI tweaks

- Bugfixes and performance fixes

- New eel_vfs_has_capability() framework

- New labeled image radiobutton

- Accessibility updates

nautilus 2.0.1

- Various UI cleanups from the ui review

- Various bugfixes

- The Gnome Nautilus theme now follows the gtk+ theme better

- Window geometry is stored even in open-directories-in-same-window

- All executable bonobo components moved into libexec.

- Some performance improvements

- Accessibility fixes

- Add support for kernel supermount patch

- Read desktop file icons according to the icon theme specification

- New throbber for the gnome theme

- large version of trash icon

- Better handling of disk ejecting

- Proper handling of launching desktop files according to the spec

Dave Camp <dave ximian com>

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