Gnumeric 1.1.8

Gnumeric 1.1.8 aka 'Its Pango-rrrrrrific!' is now available.

    Ah the joys of open source.  Just as a I was hunkering down,
    preparing to finish the conversion to pango, _WHAM_ a patch
    lands in bugzilla.  Gnumeric is now fully pangoized, GdkFont
    usage is no more.  There may be some performance tuning later,
    but the first pass through the display engine is done.  Please
    send us some samples of xls, and any other format gnumeric can
    read, that contains non latin-1 characters.  I'd also like to
    hear performance comparisons with per pango versions.  Things
    look ok on fast machines, but I have not tested things on the
    trusty P100.

    Although the xls files produced by the conversion to libgsf were
    readable by MS Excel Gnumeric-1.0.x and libole2 were not
    thrilled with them.  So libgsf and the excel exporter have had
    more polish and things are fully functional again.  No data will
    be lost, Gnumeric-1.1.x and MS Excel can read the files.

    Jukka Pekka has been extending the solver even further and Jon Kåre
    and Morten have been examining libgsf to ensure its ready for
    large files (just in case zip ever support more than 5 gig of

    Also a special thanks to Ariya Hidayat from kword (and to
    Abiword for noticing).   His work on mapping WordPerfect
    characters -> unicode improved the plan perfect importer nicely.

    NOTE : We have disabled building 1.1 using gcc-2.96.  There are a few known
       areas where the compiler shipped with RH/Mandrake was causing numeric
       inaccuracies in Gnumeric.  If you don't mind that feel free to manually
       remove the prohibition.

    NOTE : Although this is a development release it should be quite stable.
      There are is still feature regressions from 1.0 (porting graphs to gtk2)
      but other than that this release should be usable.  Please play with it.

dorami bu iij4u or jp:
	* Begin to use Pango in cells.

	* Add XL import for polygon colours.
	* More pango work.
	* Fix icon assignment.
	* Support pasting utf8
	* Rewrite plan perfect import, significantly more useful now.
	  Includes some format transfer and uses the word-perfect
	  charset map from kword (thanks to Ariya Hidayat)
	* Cull out a pile of special iconv code in favor of glib
	* Fix documentation installation to match libgnome's expectations
	* locale -> utf8 conversion for lotus wk1 importer
	* support for BITAND and BITOR in lotus wk1 importer
	* Tweak XL export so that MS Excel does not produce a warning when
	  reading our sheets.
	* Partially fix printing images

Jon Kåre:
	* Port to new libgsf big file api

	* Solver improvements:
	  - Imported the GLPK (GNU linear programming kit) version 3.2.
	    It provides a revised simplex algorithm for solving large
	    scale problems, written by Andrew Makhorin.  It performs 
	    much better than lp-solve if the model is large, see
	    a benchmark in
	  - Added the algorithm selection into the dialog.
	  - Other dialog improvements.
	* Speed optimizations for the MPS plugin.

	* Add poor man's utf8 regexp routines.

Christian Meyer:
	* Renamed "Print Setup" to "Page Setup" in the file menu and the
	  gnumeric documents.

	* Work on the plugins.
	* Plugins can now register menu and toolbar items (bonobo only for now)
	* Another step towards a gtk only build.

* Availability

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