GNOME IRIX packages updated

David Kaelbling and his horde of flying monkies have have released
updated GNOME packages for IRIX and these have been uploaded to the
GNOME FTP server.

Below is a list of the updated and new packages:

fw_gphoto2      gphoto2-2.0 Digital camera access library

fw_audiofile    audiofile-0.2.3 audio file access library
fw_fortune-mod  fortune-mod-1.2.1 fortune cookie program
fw_gcc          gcc-3.0.4 GNU Compiler Suite
fw_gettext      gettext-0.11 GNU message catalog utilities
fw_ghostscript  ghostscript-7.04 PostScript viewer with fonts
fw_gimp         gimp-1.2.2 GNU Image Manipulation Program
fw_libxml2      libxml2-2.4.17 XML manipulation library
fw_libz         zlib-1.1.4 compression library
fw_mozilla      mozilla.0.9.9 Mozilla for IRIX (beta 1)
fw_xmms         xmms-1.2.7 X11-based sound module player
fw_xscreensaver xscreensaver-4.01 Screen Saver and Locker

For more information, visit or email
freeware sgi com

Where is all this yumminess? Trot on over to:

after the server is given sufficient time to realize that the files are


Steve Fox
"When i think of the OpenBSD commiters, I picture the two old muppets
that sit in the theater and gripe at everyone" - mrx, on BlueNet

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