Gnumeric 1.0.6

Gnumeric 1.0.6 is now available.

    This is a bug fix release, new development is being done in version 1.1.x
    based on gnome2.

* Patches

		* plug leak in analysis tools

		* Enable sheet object import from XL5/95
		* Re-enable #REF generation for relocations.
		* Fix inside -> inside relative ref relocations that go out of bounds
		* remove warnings from underline combo in the cell format dialog.
		* Fix doc build
		* Disable warning about age of version, not necessary in stable.
		* dateToUnix should return an integer
		* Revert schema version change so that older gnumeric's can read newer
		* Apply TagoH's patch to add more font maps to the excel importer.
		* Apply contributed patch to fix multibyte excel export.
		* Fix span calc when spanning through hidden columns with content.
		* DOM importer missed sheet scoped names.

	Jon Kåre:
		* Fix HPUX build.
		* Fix the Guile plugin
		* Fully disable the plan perfect plugin.

		* Fix gnumeric_fake_trunc and thus INT.

* Availability

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