ggv 1.1.90 and 1.0.2

here comes a double release of GGv:

1.0.2, the last in the current stable 1.0.x series


1.1.90, the first (and hopefully the last) release candidate for 1.2.0

what's new:

in 1.0.2 since 1.0.1:
	- xml-i18n-toolization (Karl Eichwalder)
	- zooming bugs fixed
	- UI sensitivity bugs fixed
	- extended popup menu (Dan E. Kelley)
	- croatian translation
	- other translations updated
	- adapt better to different versions of ghostscript
	- filename quoting bugs fixed

in 1.1.90 since 1.1.1:
	- use dash as a filename to read stdin. avoids problems with
	  ghostscript 6.51
	- numerous bug fixes (Werner Koerner)
	- initialize gconf in bonobo component

1.1.90 brings much improvement over 1.0 and seems very stable. in order to get to the 1.2 as soon as possible, I would urge all to migrate to the new GGv and abuse it with as many and as weird postscript and pdf documents as possible. report what it can't swallow and when it behaves strangely.

translations and documentation are in sore need of updating.

1.2.0 is probably due in a couple of weeks if 1.1.90 behaves fine.

the tarballs and diffs from preceding versions will be available on (stable for 1.0.2 and unstable for 1.1.90) as soon as the mirrors pick it up.



email: jaka gnu org

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