Guikachu 0.12 "Inspector Widget": GNOME Resource editor for PalmOS projects

Dear users of both large and small computing tools,

A new release of Guikachu is available.

About Guikachu
Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource
files for PalmOS-based pocket computers. The user interface is
modelled after Glade, the GNOME UI builder.

Catch it all from

* Exporting to PilRC .rcp files (compile with pilrc -H)
* String resources
* Dialog resources
* Menu resources
* Form resources
* Per-application resources (e.g. version number, icon)
* Form editor with graphical drag & drop capability to make
  designing forms more easier and faster
* Native font support in the form editor for more precise
* XSLT style sheets and shell script to generate RCP files from
  Guikachu documents

About this release
This new release has something for everybody: the ability to store
arbitary RCP data for the hard-core PilRC users, support for Gadgets
(custom widgets created at run-time) for those who are into these kind
of things, the ability to zoom the form preview for my fellows who
wear glasses, and some more documentation for those new to PalmOS

New features:
	* New resource type: a Blob stores native RCP data, so you can
	  use PilRC features not yet supported by Guikachu
	* New supported widget: Gadget
	* Red Hat .spec fixes by Marco Antonio Cabazal
	* UI tweaks
	* You can now select multiple widgets in the Form Editor by
	  pressing Ctrl while clicking on the widgets in either the
	  preview area or the widget list.
	* Zooming support in the form preview
	* The documentation is slightly updated, and an HTML version
	  is also included
	* Translation updates

Guikachu uses GTK-- and GNOME-- for its user interface. File I/O is
implemented with the libxml package. Dialog windows are loaded via
libglade. You will need the versions of these packages available in
the GNOME 1.4 bundle (with the exception of GNOME-- which you will
need to upgrade to version 1.2.0)
To actually create the PalmOS resource files, you will also need PilRC
(part of the GNU PalmOS SDK) to compile the .rpc files produced by

Beware of bugémons!


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