Gnome-print 0.31


Gnome-print 0.31 is out. Is is bugfix release, with no new
features, neither big nor small added.

Warning - people have reported it not finding fontmap data,
if installed by ordinary user and to non-trivial prefix.
We are still investigating this. This problem does not stand
for normal system-wide installs.

Also, it uses subdirectory under $sysconfdir to store fontmaps,
so if you prefer /etc to /usr/etc, specify it explicitly.

Most important fixes:

 - should allow parallel install with gnome-2 now

 - gnome-font-install does not crash on empty files and
   bad font data

 - if font installation fails, we will use
   fontmap2 file from older gnome-print installation

================================= or your favourite gnome ftp mirror


Yours sincerely,
Gnome-Print Team

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