GConf 1.0.5/1.1.3


New releases of GConf are at:

1.0.5 is latest stable, 1.1.3 latest unstable. 

GConf stores configuration data. See
http://developer.gnome.org/feature/archive/gconf/gconf.html for an overview.

This release involves large changes, which should ideally fix most
problems people have had with GConf. I've closed the vast majority of
bugs in bugzilla, and moved from using OAF/bonobo-activation to using
a simple lockfile in the user's home directory. Also, this release
should allow you to seamlessly use the same daemon for both gconf 1
and gconf 2, if you have the latest ORBit1 and ORBit2. Finally, this
release enforces a UTF-8 encoding on the STRING type, so should avoid
placing non-UTF-8 in the XML backend files.

The downside of fixing these issues is possible breakage - I did my
best to test, but maybe failed, so if you have problems, please report
bugs to http://bugzilla.gnome.org, and wait for a quick 1.0.6.

Packagers should consider splitting gconfd-2 into its own package,
than having gconf-1 and gconf-2 client library packages that both
depend on gconfd-2; this would require a small gconf-1 client lib
patch to s/gconfd-1/gconfd-2/ in the code that launches the daemon.
However, for now this isn't necessary, because gconf-2 can use the
gconfd-1 daemon, no features have been added to gconfd-2 vs. gconfd-1.


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