librsvg 1.0.2 is available

A new release of the librsvg library is available. The librsvg library is a
library developed by Raph Levien, author of libart, that renders svg files.
It includes font-handling code that is also used directly by the eel
library, and currently relies on fonts installed by the eel package.

This new release, librsvg 1.0.2, is fully compatible other librsvg 1.0

Changes in librsvg since version 1.0.1:

    - Fix bug where scaled text is clipped (me)
    - Fix bug where empty svg files caused segfault (me)
    - Fix bug where certain degenerate gradients caused segfault (me)
    - Change install and packaging so that librsvg can coexist with
      the librsvg2 for gnome2 (Ramiro)
    - Fix multibyte bug where we would walk off the end of a string
      buffer when dealing with multibyte character encodings (me)
    - Remove dependency on xml-i18n-tools and gettext (me)

You can find the source code for librsvg 1.0.2 on gnome ftp:


If you have problems with librsvg , feel free to report bugs at

    -- Darin

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