GNOME 2.0 Platform Alpha 1

The first pre-release of the GNOME 2 platform is now available for
your downloading and testing pleasure.

WARNING: This release does not include anything of use to end
users. It is a technology preview release of the development platform
only. It is also not yet fully parallel installable with GNOME

As soon as the mirrors update, you can get the release from:

Pretty much everything in this release is new relative to GNOME
1.4. A few of the most notable new features are:

* Full multi-lingual text support support and use of unicode text

* Powerful new tree and text widgets

* Extensive accessibility support

* A new CORBA ORB featuring smaller stubs skeletons, support for SSL,
and and a better overall architecture

* More standards-compliant XML library

* XSLT library

* Improved package configuration scheme

* Unrelated libraries, as well as GUI and non-GUI parts of existing
libraries, have been split into their own packages

* Much cleanup and many other new features throughout the platform


The GNOME 2.0 Release Team

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