Control center 1.5.8

Version 1.5.8 of the GNOME Control Center, as well as the capplet
library and the supplementary capplets (control-center-plus) is now
available. This new version of the GNOME Control Center depends on GAL
0.12, as 
opposed to the previous version which required GAL 0.9. This is a bugfix

* Availability

The new control center is available at

The advanced capplets are available at

The capplet library is available at

* What's new

	- Refactored background rendering code; in particular translucent
	  backgrounds should now render properly

 	- The bonobo-conf capplets now have Apply and Close buttons, rather
	  than Ok and Cancel, to be more in tune with the Setup Tools.

 	- The rollback capplet dialog has similar changes

 	- Many, many bug fixes and cleanups

* Installation instructions and prerequisites

This version of the control center requires the following packages in
addition to the GNOME 1.4 platform:

* bonobo-conf 0.12, available at

* pkgconfig 0.8, available at

* gtkhtml >= 0.9 (0.14.0 preferred), available at

* gal >= 0.12, available at

In addition, libcapplet must be compiled before control-center or

Please download and try this out. If you have any questions or comments,
please consult gnomecc-list gnome org or #xst on GNOME IRC. Thank you.

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