This release is mainly an interoperability release. It works
well with ORBit2, and it installs its headers in a socialy responsible

* What changed ?

	* accept and discard unknown IOP profiles silently (Me)
	* install headers more sensibly (Havoc)
	* conditionaly built debugging code (Me)
	* dynany sequence bug fix (Me)
	* spec file updates - 1.4.1 team.
	* /usr/include non include (Daniel Elstner)
	* inlining fixage (Darin)
	* mem tracking alignment fixage (Morten)
	* Any - union marshaling fixes (Me)
	* regression tests upd. to allow profiling (Me)
	* IDL compiler updates (Elliot)
	* poa fixes (Anon)
	* no gcc build fixage (Anon)

* Where do I get it ?


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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