The Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized ISO Images

       Announcing The Unofficial Unsupported
Ximianized ISO Images
          (or UUXII for people who like acronyms)
* What are the UUXIIs?

The UUXIIs are Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized ISO
Images of GNU/Linux distributions. That means we took
the standard ISO images, took out the original GNOME
packages, and put the Ximian GNOME packages on there
instead, so you can install the distribution complete
with Ximian GNOME from the same CDs, in one operation,
from the standard distribution installer.

* But why?

Javier made the first UUXIIs for his own personal use,
and gave a copy to Chema, who liked them a lot, some
other people asked if they could have copies, so we
figured maybe it would be a service to the community
to make them available. It certainly makes the whole
process of installing a full desktop environment on a
new machine a lot less work-intensive.

* What distributions?

We've done this to Red Hat so far (7.1 at the moment).
The images include the most recent Ximian GNOME, and
also all the updated packages from Red Hat. We took
out stuff because space was limited, so the original
RH GNOME packages are not on the CD.

We're planning on doing a similar UUXII set for
Mandrake and Debian. We've started work on the Debian
images, Mandrake will come later.

* Where can I get it?

We don't have the bandwidth to distribute the images
ourselves, so we're soliciting mirror sites. There are
a few mirrors already, however, please see the list at
the bottom of the project homepage.

* Is this a Ximian project?

No. Most of the work is done by Javier, who is not a
Ximian employee. Chema is, but he's doing this on his
free time. The project is in no way affiliated with
the distributions it builds on, or Ximian as a

Ximian has stated before that it's not interested in
entering the distribution business, and there's no
reason to believe that this has changed.

* Where can I find out more?

Go to to get the latest
information about the UUXIIs, and to find a list of
current mirrors, and MD5 checksums for the images.

    Javier Díaz...!

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