ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 1.3.1

*** gtkmm 1.3.1 

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. This unstable branch gtkmm wraps
gtk+ 1.3.x, which will become gtk+ 2.0. 

This alpha release shows all the progress that we have made since
gtkmm-1.3.0 last month. It should build with the recent gtk+-1.3.11

*** Changes since gkmm 1.3.0 

* Properties ( e.g. someobject.propert_something.set_value(2); ) 
  (Murray Cumming) 
* ListHandler (Use almost any std container where GTK+ takes/returns a 
  GList*) (Daniel Elstner) 
* TreeView and TextView wrappers, including multiply-inherited 
  'Interface' classes, such as Gtk::TreeModel 
  (Murray Cumming) 
* gtk-demo: C++ version of the big new gtk+ demo that shows its own 
  source code. 
  This demonstrates TreeView, TextView, and Pango, among other things. 
  (Murray Cumming) 
* Reference documentation, using doxygen:
  (Murray Cumming) 
* Gtk::Window no longer self-destructs. The bool return value of 
  Gtk::Window::signal_delete_event now 
  determines whether the window will be hidden, not whether it will be 
  destroyed. (Daniel Elstner) 
* Gtk::Main::run(Gtk::Window& window): 
  Allows you to specify a main application window. The application will 
  quit when that window is hidden. 
  (Murray Cumming) 
* Lots and lots of API review. See our progress here:
  (Murray Cumming, Daniel Elstner, Gergo Erdi) 
* We can now use either automake 1.4p5 (like the rest of GNOME2) or 
  automake 1.5 (Daniel Elstner) 
* Glib::ustring, which interoperates with std::string, now has even
  more of the std::string interface. (Daniel Elstner) 
* Fixed the library names and the names reported by pkgconfig, for 
  better co-existence with gtkmm 1.2. 
  (Gergo Erdi) 

*** Known problems 

* gtk-demo crashes on exit with warnings. 
* gtk-demo "stock browser" doesn't work yet. 
* Gtk::TreePath(ustring) constructor seems to have problems - see the 
  TODO comments in demos/gtk-demo/ 

*** Download 

gtkmm-1.3.1 is available here:

You will need the alpha release of libsigc++1.1, available here:

If you wish to install this in parallel with gtk--1.2, you will first 
need to update libsigc++1.0.x to libsigc++1.0.4, available here:

*** Description 

This is an alpha release, so that you can see the changes 
compared with gtkmm 1.2. Development is heavily underway, so this might 
be significantly out-of-date by the time you receive this. You can find 
cvs instructions here:

The CHANGES file describes some of the more significant differences 
compared to gtkmm 1.2:

There is also ongoing discussion on the mailing list:
and in the #C++ channel on 

There isn't much point in installing this yet, but you should be able to
run the examples and demos. Please do not package this release as rpm,
deb, etc. 

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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