New Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized ISO Image (RH7.2)

    Announcing A New Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized ISO
        Image (or UUXII for people who like acronyms)

The UUXIIs are Unofficial Unsupported Ximianized ISO
Images of GNU/Linux distributions. That means we took
the standard ISO images, took out the original GNOME
packages, and put the Ximian GNOME packages on there
instead, so you can install the distribution complete
with Ximian GNOME from the same CDs, in one operation,
from the standard distribution installer.

We've done this to Red Hat 7.2 and Red Hat 7.1, the 
images include the most recent Ximian GNOME, and also
all the updated packages from Red Hat. We took out
stuff because space was limited, so the original 
RH GNOME packages are not on the CD.

Please go to, there  you'll
find the latest information about the UUXIIs, a list
of current mirrors and MD5 checksums for the images.

If you are interested in mirroring this images, mail 
me at uuxii celorio com so that we can coordinate it.

   Javier Díaz  :)

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