ggv 1.1.92...

...affectionately known as 'The Re(e)merging Ape', has just (that is: when the mirrors pick it up) arrived to

changes since 1.1.91:
- changed "media" to "page size" all over the code in order to prevent
  ambiguity with the "Page Media" DSC (Stanislav Brabec)
- many updated translations (...)
- bonobo control merges its UI again (me)
- install missing pixmaps for the bonobo component (me)
- fixed schema installation and spec file (the latter needs testing).

the translators are invited to 'make update-po' in the po directory and
update their translations since the "media"->"page size" conversion has
compromised quite a number of translatable texts.

the tarball and diff from 1.1.91 are available at the usual place:



email: jaka gnu org

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