Gnopernicus, an Integrated Screen Reader and Magnifier for Gnome

Hello Again Folks:

I'm delighted to announce, in cooperation with the Gnome Accessibility 
Project, the inception of what to my knowledge is one of the first
technologies for the Gnome 2 platform [*], and the first LGPL-licensed 
screenreader for linux, Solaris, and other Gnome-ready operating 
systems.  To my knowledge it will be the first open source integrated 
magnifier/screenreader to date.  It will also be the link that bridges 
the Gnome Accessibility Project's work from 'infrastructure' to 'end 
user' for many users, and as such will be one of the first customers for 
the Gnome Accessibility Project interfaces libraries.  

The project's working title is Gnopernicus, and the Gnopernicus team 
proposes to add this project to Gnome CVS.  (Please let us know if this 
is agreeable.)

I will leave it to the team to introduce themselves and the project 

Best regards,


[*] by this I mean software AT which interacts directly with the Gnome2 
platform; accessX is already fully interoperable with Gnome.

[I would also like to acknowledge the previous work of Paolo Molaro in 
self-voicing for GTK+ (gspeech) and basic screen magnification (gmag) in 
Gnome 1.X.]

Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland

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