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The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ( is excited to be guiding the Gnome Onscreen Keyboard (GOK) project. To work on a venture that not only has a mission of accessibility, but is also being developed under the open source model, is a project tailor-made for our team. We look forward to working with the open source community at large and contributing to the development of the good work begun through the GNOME Accessibility Project (AT SPI).

More Information?
Additional information on the project is forthcoming. Once the domain has been processed we will have an http conduit for news, progress reports, technological issues, innovative solutions, and so on.

Who is on the team?
The University of Toronto's ATRC research and development lab not only brings strong leadership to the project with expertise in alternative input devices and software, but also a sincere passion regarding accessibility issues. (The team has already produced a full-featured onscreen keyboard for another platform.) Names you might soon see asking questions and providing help (mostly the former to start with) include: myself, Chris Ridpath, Ben Konrath, Simon Bates, Jutta Treviranus, Bruce Etheridge, Laurel Williams, Nakul Hoelz...

How can I contribute?
Hopefully in the same way contributions have been made to other open source projects. We hope to have a CVS repository available shortly. Otherwise, we will find a server elsewhere - perhaps here at the university. In any event, I will probably be responsible for managing the repository (accepting commits, etc.) on this project so you can contact me.


David Bolter,
Software Architect - University of Toronto - ATRC

Bill Haneman wrote:

Hello Folks:

I'm delighted to announce, in cooperation with the Gnome Accessibility Project, the inception of what to my knowledge is one of the first assistive technologies for the Gnome 2 platform [*], and the first LGPL-licensed onscreen-keyboard for linux, Solaris, and other Gnome-ready operating systems. It will also be the link that bridges the Gnome Accessibility Project's work from 'infrastructure' to 'end user' for many users with mobility disorders, and as such will be one of the first customers for the Gnome Accessibility Project interfaces libraries. The project's working title is GOK (Gnome Onscreen Keyboard), and the GOK team proposes to add this project to Gnome CVS. (gnome-hackers list members, please let us know if this is not agreeable.)

The initial project web page can be found at:

I will leave it to the team to introduce themselves and the project further...

Best regards,


[*] by this I mean software AT which interacts directly with the Gnome2 platform; accessX is already fully interoperable with Gnome.

[I would also like to acknowledge the previous work of Paolo Molaro in self-voicing for GTK+ (gspeech) and basic screen magnification (gmag) in Gnome 1.X.]

Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland
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