Gnumeric 0.75

Gnumeric 0.75 aka 'crash me if you can' is now available.

        This will be the last release before we freeze the ui and user visible
        strings for the translators and documenters.  The bug list is melting
        away and the tree is looking good.  This release fixes a few small bugs
        and improves the usability of several components.  Andreas'
        continuing work to guru-ify dialogs progressed into the Solver, making 
        it much more comfortable.  File size has decreased for exported Excel (XLS)
	files with large style regions.  Most of the code to support validation is
        now in place and will be enabled in the next release.

        Now is the time to test things.  Try loading the nastiest,
        cruftiest workbook you can find.  As previously mentioned, all known
        crashing bugs/recalc/redraw bugs have been patched, so if you find one
        it will get top priority.  If you find a crash between now and the 1.0
        release I'll buy you a beverage of your choice.

	The libole2 (gnome-ole2) version requirement has been
	bumped.  This is an important patch.

* Bug fixes, Polishing & Optimisations

        * Shrink exported XLS files.				(Jody)
        * More work done to support financial functions.	(Jukka)
        * Improve dbf importer.					(Jody)
        * Rewrite solver dialog as guru.			(Andreas)
        * Re-enable compression for .gnumeric files.		(Jody)
        * Lots of documentation added.				(Jukka)
        * Make cell format dialog only pseudo-modal.		(Jody)
        * Added `Help' buttons for various tools.		(Jukka)
        * Fix support for cancel on window manager quit.	(Jody)
        * Help button on autosave doesn't crash.		(Jukka)
        * Fix non-bonobo View menu.				(Jody)
        * Added `Filter' submenu into the `Data' menu.		(Jukka)
        * Fix sheet extent calculation new complex objects.	(Jody)
        * Plug leaks.						(Morten)
        * Improve formula guru.					(Jody)
        * Cleanup various access to internal strings.		(Morten)
        * Support scrollwheel in a larger area.			(Jody)
        * Fix Edit -> Fill -> Autofill.				(Jody)
        * Make autocorrect non-modal and cleaner.		(Jody)
        * Make autocompletion a view attribute, with a gui.	(Jody)
        * Don't clear the clipboard when Klipper runs.		(Jody)
        * Enable per sheet style management to support		(Jody)
          validation, conditionals, and to simplify XLS export.

* Availability

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