ANNOUNCE: gtkmm-1.2.8 and gnomemm-1.2.2


Gtk-- (gtkmm) is a C++ interface for GTK+, allowing C++ programmers to
create graphical user interfaces with GTK+'s flexible OO framework.
Highlights include type-safe callbacks and widgets which are extensible
by inheritance.

* CList_Helpers::Row::Row() implemented, not just declared.
    (Murray Cumming)
* FontSelection::get_font_name(): Prevent crash when GTK+ returns 0.
    (Joe Yandle)
* Fixed memory leak in Gtk::Editable::get_chars() (Gergo)
* Gtk::Widget::get_toplevel is more cautious if the return value is not
a Gtk::Window* (Gergo)


Gnome-- (gnomemm) provides C++ wrappers for the gnome-libs widgets, such
as GnomeApp, Canvas, Dialog, Druid, MDI, MessageBox, etc.


* Gnome::UI::Help fixed: This should be added to the Help menu to
automatically add items from the topics.dat file. (Murray Cumming)
* gnome-hello example: The About box is now closed and deleted when
[Close] is clicked (Murray Cumming)


Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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