ANN: Pan 0.9.7pre4 "Twelve Misty Mountains" Released

Pan 0.9.7pre4, "Twelve Misty Mountains", has been released.
It can be found at

What is Pan?

	PAN is a newsreader for GNOME which is easy to use, configurable,
	and good at both real newsreading and downloading binaries.
	See for the sales pitch.
About 0.9.7pre4

	This is an development release for users wanting to test new code.
	Bug reports, feedback, and especially patches are very welcome.
	Users wanting only to read news should use Pan 0.9.6 until 0.9.7
	is released.

	As has been pointed out on the gnome-announce mailing list,
	version numbers like "pre4" can be problematic. After 0.9.7,
	future development releases will be minor revision numbers
	staring with 90, such as "".

Changes in 0.9.7pre4


	* Better handling of thread tracking even when an article in the
	  thread has a corrupt References: header. Thank to Jim Henderson
	  for reporting this problem and Adrian von Bidder for suggesting
	  a solution.

	* Better recovery when importing of missing, corrupt, or completely
	  broken .newsrc files.

	* More consistent checking for corrupt article headers from the news
	  server. Sideways thanks to for providing corrupt
	  headers repeatably so that I could track this down.

	* Text in an article is now displayed before
	  the picture, rather than after it, by request from Margus Ramst
	  and Frank Van Damme.

	* Updated some icons. Thanks to Paolo Bacchilega for suggesting these
	  changes and providing icons. 


	* One more attempt to get very large articles to decode properly
	  even the user's cache is set to some small size. Thanks to the
	  flood of people reporting this problem against pre2 and pre3.

	* Fix bug that caused folders to be corrupted or erased in earlier
	  prereleases when the "save setup" button was pressed.

	* Moving back to the zoomed thread view from the zoomed article view
	  no longer moves the thread view down to the bottom of the list.
	  Thanks *very* much to Samuel Solon for providing a workaround to
	  this gtk+ bug. 


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