ANN: Pan 0.9.7pre3 "Rocky and Fumble" Released

Hail Fair Moon,

Pan 0.9.7pre3, "Rocky and Fumble", has been released.
It can be found at

What is Pan?

	PAN is a newsreader for GNOME which is easy to use, configurable,
	and good at both real newsreading and downloading binaries.
	See for the sales pitch.
About 0.9.7pre3

	This is an development release for users wanting to test new code.
	Bug reports, feedback, and especially patches are very welcome.
	Users wanting only to read news should use Pan 0.9.6 or wait until
	0.9.7 is released. 

	As has been pointed out on the gnome-announce mailing list, version
	numbers like "pre3" can be problematic. After 0.9.7, future
	development releases will be minor revision numbers staring
	with 90, such as

Changes in 0.9.7pre3


        * Reorganized the filter buttons on the article thread toolbar.


        * Fixed bug that caused Pan to crash sometime when posting or when
          loading the pan.sent folder.   Thanks to Pete at and
	  Wolfgang Schricker for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed bug that caused Pan to crash when the user tried to send
          mail without having a mail server defined.  Thanks to Cory Hill
          for reporting this bug.

        * Decoding attachments that had no suffixes could cause an unwanted
          directory to be created in pre1 and pre2.  Thanks to Ron Youvan
          for first reporting this bug.

        * Adding colorization of quoted text in html mode broke on some color 
          values because of stupid code.  Thanks to Ihar Viarheichy for
          submitting a patch to fix this.

        * Yet another fix for making sure that multipart articles will stay
          around in the cache until all of them are together and ready for
          decoding.  Thanks to Huub Reuver for helping to find this bug.

        * Fixed crash when trying to import a .newsrc file that existed but
          couldn't be opened.  Thanks to Christopher Huy for reporting this


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