Guppi 0.35.5 released

Your Guppi development team is pleased to announce the release
of Guppi 0.35.5, code name "An Ominous Grey-Green Color".

Guppi is a GNOME interactive data analysis and plotting tool.  It is
meant to be useful both as a scriptable stand-alone application and as
something that can be embedded in other applications, either as a
shared library or with Bonobo.

Guppi is providing plotting features for Gnumeric (via Bonobo) and for
GnuCash (as a shared library).  As a stand-alone application, Guppi is
still fairly primitive --- currently, development is is focusing on
making Guppi useful in other apps.  Still, it does have some fun

For more information about Guppi, visit the Guppi Home Page at

* Availability

	You can get the Guppi 0.35.5 tarball here:

	RPMs and debs should be available soon.

* Prerequistites

        Guppi basically requires a complete and fairly up-to-date
	GNOME installation, such as Ximian GNOME.  In theory, it
        should build against the GNOME 1.4 platform.

* Changes in this version

	Guppitank bar chart enhancements	(Christian Stimming)

	Work on developers docs 		(Mathieu Lacage)

	Improvements in XML handling		(Me)

	Now builds with srcdir != builddir,	(Me)
	and other build fixs.

	Bugs crushed without mercy.		(Everyone)

	New bugs introduced.			(Me)

If you are paying close attention, you will have noticed that there
was never a Guppi 0.35.4.  That version is believed to have been carried
off by dingos.


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