release: trilobite 1.0.3

Trilobite 1.0.3, the "ocho de mayo" release, is out! Trilobite is a set of extensions for Nautilus that give it the ability to use the Eazel services, as well as useful libraries that can be used to build your own services. This includes the "how'd they DO that?" package install service (with pluggable package-system backends) and local package view.

Cinco de Mayo is a holiday celebrated more in the US than in Mexico. It honors a battle fought fifty years after Mexican independence, when a force of Mexican nationals fought and defeated a much larger and better-equipped French invading force. Mexico won the battle but lost the war -- but it's the effort that counts, boys and girls. :) Hope you had a nice one; we're 3 days late.

This is the first time Trilobite has been released separately from Nautilus.

Source code is available at:


Trilobite 1.0.3 should be available from the Eazel software catalog within the next 24 hours. It better be -- Trilobite is what makes the durn thing work.


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