Medusa 0.5.1 out

Medusa 0.5.1 is out now.  Medusa is a search and indexing package that
indexes the contents of your file system and allows you to do quick
searches by file name, size, owner or text file content using nautilus
or the command line.

If you have medusa 0.5 you should get this release because:

It contains bug fixes to problems that will affect you even if you are
not using medusa.

These bug fixes include
-  A file descriptor leak that will occur during certain race conditions
when running nautilus
-  Security issues relating to letting normal users configure medusa
- the /com directory medusa 0.5 creates

Please get this release if you currently have medusa 0.5 installed.
If you don't have medusa 0.5, you may want to wait for the next release
of medusa, which will
actually have exciting new features in it.


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