Gnoetry 0.1 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Gnoetry 0.1, code name "Round
Earth's Imagined Corners".

Gnoetry is the GNOME poetry generator.  With it, you can engage in a
human/machine collaboration to write poems in a number of classical
forms.  This initial release includes support for both well-know[1]
and more obscure[2] forms.

Gnoetry is still under development, and version 0.1 is primitive in
many respects.  It should be considered experimental software, and
should not be used for any mission-critical poetry composition tasks.

* Availability

	You can get the Gnoetry 0.1 tarball from the Gnoetry home

	This page also contains samples of Gnoetry's work and a tarball
	of the Gnoetry Extra Texts Bonus Pack.



[1] Such as Sonnets, Haiku, Blank Verse.

[2] Tanka, Renga, Sestets (Italian, Sicilian *and* Heroic), Sapphics,
    Hendecasyllabics, and more!

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