[ANNOUNCE]: gswitchit applet 0.7 released

Hello all non-English users of GNOME.

I would be proud to announce the availability of the new release of the
keyboard layout switcher/indicator/manager GSwitchIt 0.7.

I would be happy to tell you that this new release contains new useful
feature: customizable (per user!) layout switch shortcuts. Currently
there is a fixed set of possible variants (different combinations of
Alt, Control, Shift etc key). GNOME users now do not have to use single
switching shortcut per station...

I also would be really glad to inform that GSwitchIt is moved from raw
CORBA GSwitchIt to new wonderful GConf library.

Finally, I would inform you that all the necessary info and files can be
taken from the project page:



Currently GConf is not compartible with Panel/Applets/GNORBA stuff.
Realy sad.
So when you update GSwitchIt configuration in the Control Panel, you
have to restart your applet. Really sorry for that.

So I consider this release as development one. Do not hesitate to
contact me if you find any other bugs except this non-working
configuration update.

Looking forward for bug reposts, flame and comments,

Sergey V. Udaltsov

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