[ANNOUNCE] Gtk-Perl version 0.7006 released

Gtk-Perl version 0.7006 code named "More Meat For Less Bucks" 
is available on your nearest CPAN mirror at:


The changes include:

* More documentation (also available in pod format now!): reference
  manuals and Gtk:cookbook.
* Many updates (Applets, Gnome::Config, Gtk::RcStyles and others).
* Reduced code size.
* Better garbage collector and leak fixes.
* Added support for docklets in Gnome::Applet.
* Included Gtk::lazy lazy loading package to reduce memory usage.
* libglade support for Gnome is loaded only when Gnome is used.
  Support also new style custom widget creation.
* Many misc fixes.


lupus debian org                                     debian/rules
lupus ximian com                             Monkeys do it better

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