Evolution 0.9 "Platypus" is out

The dancing primates at Ximian have just released Evolution 0.8, code
name "Platypus".

Evolution is the GNOME mailer, calendar, and addressbook application.

* Availability

        You can get the Evolution 0.9 tarball here:


        Evolution also requires Gal (0.5), GtkHTML (0.8.2), Bonobo
        (0.37), OAF (0.6.2), GNOME VFS (0.4.2), libunicode (0.4.gnome),
        GNOME Print (0.25) and ORBit (0.5.6).


* Changes since version 0.8


          - Importing framework.  (Iain)
          - Made the splash screen a regular window.  (Miguel)
          - Added a menu item to hide the shortcut bar to the shortuct
            bar right-click menu.  (Jason)
          - Update the shortcut labels to contain the number of unread
            messages as well.  (Jason)
          - Pre-select a newly created folder in the folder selection
            dialog.  (Ettore)
          - GPG/PGP support is now mostly working and sort of
            configurable.  Except that the pretty pictures are
            missing.  (Jeff)
          - Exciting new configuration druid (Anna, Jeff) and
            configuration editor-of-the-month (Jeff). You can now have
            multiple identities that use different transports.  (Jeff)
          - The folder-tree unread message counts now work much
            better. But vfolders only display their unread message
            counts *after you've looked at the folder for the first
            time*.  (Dan)
          - New mail send/receive stuff with status dialog.  (NotZed)
          - "Stop" button and support for cancelling operations.
          - Various fixes involving IMAP folders and subscriptions.
          - Fake messages to root threads in the message list are now
            gone.  (NotZed)
          - NNTP support is no longer configured by default, as this
            code is not expected to be completed by 1.0.
          - Interface for hiding messages matching certain criteria.
          - Quick search bar now includes "Sender contains" option
          - The mailer now properly launches "gnome_segv" when it
            crashes. I mean, if it were to crash.  (Dan)
          - IMAP attachments are now not loaded unless you look at
            them.  (Dan)
          - The X-Mailer header can now include a
            compile-time-specified string (for specifying package
            version, etc).  (Dan)
          - The Date header in the message list now formats dates
            differently depending on how long ago they are.  (Chris)
          - The composer doesn't ask if you want to save before
            closing if you haven't changed anything. Also, it has more
            useful window titles (Jason Leach) And you can now turn
            off the "are you sure you didn't mean to enter a subject?"
            dialog box.  (Jeff)
          - The "Menu" key on a Windows keyboard (the one with the
            picture of a pop-up menu) now pops up the message list
            right-click menu.  (Dan)
          - Lots of internal stuff that doesn't much affect the
            user-visible functionality, particularly involving
            multithreading, message threading, filters/searching, and
            regression testing.  (NotZed)
          - Importers for Outlook Express 4 and mbox (used by most
            mailers like Netscape, Pine, Elm, Eudora) (Iain & Jeff)
          - Fixed crashing bug on PPC.  (Clahey)
          - Updated to work with both OpenLDAP 1 and OpenLDAP 2.
          - Added configuration dialog for LDAP.  (Toshok)
          - Plenty of bug fixes.  (Clahey, Toshok, Meeks, JP, Larry,
            Jason, Federico, Dan, Zucchi, Gediminas Paulauskas,
          - Moved category dialog to gal.  (JP)
          - Worked on LDAP authentication.  (Toshok)
          - Worked on status messages.  (Toshok)
          - Worked on GalView stuff.  (Clahey)
          - Improved the select names dialog GUI.  (Clahey)
          - New "go to date" dialog.  (JP)
          - Categories support for appointments.  (JP)
          - New alarms page in event editor.  (Anna, JP)
          - Weekday picker now follows the week start setting.
          - Date-editing widgets are more consistent with each other.
          - Colorization fixes to the views.  (Damon)
          - Optimizations to the views.  (Damon)
          - New, simpler loading interface for calendars in the
            Wombat.  (Federico)
          - Removal of lots of old Gnomecal code.  (Federico, JP)
          - Alarm instance generation support for the Wombat.
          - Alarm trigger queueing for the GUI.  (Federico)
          - More robust launching and registration of the components.
          - More i18n friendliness.  (JP, Federico)
          - Start of the alarm notification daemon.  (Federico)
          - Cosmetic and focus fixes all over the place.  (Federico,
          - New, stand-alone tasks component.  (Damon)
          - Categories support.  (JP, Damon)
          - Your old tasks are migrated automatically to the new tasks
            folder.  (Federico)
          - You get asked for confirmation when trying to delete a
            task entry.  (Federico)
          - Many bug fixes and cleanups.  (JP)
        Executive Summary:
          - Bugfixes and memory leaks removed.  (Iain)
          - Calendar summary component.  (Iain)
          - RDF Summary saves it's state.  (Iain)
          - Mail summary shows vFolder summaries as well.  (Iain)
          - User changable number of columns. (Iain)


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