ANN: Pan 0.9.5 Released

Greetings fellow primates,

Pan 0.9.5 "Will quality software be written for the hobby market?" has
been released.  It can be found at

What is Pan?

	Pan is a Newsreader for Gnome whose goal is to be easy to use and
	functional enough for beginners and advanced users alike. It has the
	basic features of threading, reading, filtering, posting, and offline
	reading, and also has a number of features for power users and
	alt.binaries fans.  It's the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect
	score on the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evalutions.

What's new in 0.9.5?

	For once the desire to add features has been controlled long enough to
	get out a bugfix release.  0.9.5 fixes about two dozen bugs, large and
	small.  That's not sexy, I know, but what the heck.

        * Pan is now more tolerant of headers that are missing subjects,
          dates, and so forth.
        * No longer crashes if the header cache is corrupted.  Instead it
          skip the corrupted headers and logs an error to let the user know
          what happened.
        * Fix in parsing the 'begin' line of uuencoded attachments: file
          permissions preceeded by a '0' (to denote an octal number) are now
          handled.  Thanks to Brian Keefer for reporting this bug.
        * Accepts articles whose Date: header has no seconds.  Some broken
          software posts articles this way.  Thanks to Dave Hill for reporting
          this problem and submitting a patch.
        * The Group menu wouldn't appear unless a group was selected.  Thanks
          to Craig Maloney, Lance Simmons, and others for reporting this bug.
        * Fixed thread bug that corupted memory when two threads purged the
          article cache at the same time.
        * Fixed bug that occurred when thread A modified the article filter
          that was being used in thread B to populate the article tree.
        * Fix memory corruption bug that occurred when switching groups while
          an download task was still queued for the first group.
        * Fix memory corruption bug that occurred when the user deleted
          articles that in the queue for downloading or decoding.
        * Flushing the "pan.sendlater" folder didn't move the articles
          out of the folder after posting, causing them to possibly be
          reposted accidentally.  Thanks to Garry Knight fore reporting this
        * Fix bug in counting read/unread article totals.
        * Changing the filter settings in the article toolbar caused the
          articles to be unsorted as a side-effect.  Thanks to Sandor Barany
          for reporting this bug and Himanshu J. Gohel for suggesting a fix.
        * New articles were being displayed with a 'new' icon instead of a
          'read' icon even if they had been read.  Thanks to German Gomez
          Garcia for reporting this bug.
        * Fixed bug that crashed Pan when decoding an article with a '%' in
          its subject.  Thanks to rschu for reporting this bug.
        * Pan now handles port numbers greater than 32768.  Thanks to Keith
          Miller for reporting this bug.
        * Selecting text "backwards" (back to front) and pressing 'reply'
          now works.  Thanks to A A Arendsen for reporting this bug.
        * When changing news servers, the titlebar is now updated to show
          the new server's name.  Thanks to Garry Knight for reporting this
	* Other fixes.

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