gdk-pixbuf 0.10.0 is released

Dear lovers of hot entomological squishing action,

Version 0.10.0 of the gdk-pixbuf library, code named "dance the ghost
with me", has been released.  This release includes a number of
important bug fixes.

* Availability

* Changes in this release:

	- New XBM file loader (John).

	- We now have our own poor man's implementation of
	  XParseColor() so that the XPM loader can work for both GdK
	  and Xlib (John).

	- Completely re-written PNM loader (Jeff, Pavel, Frédéric).

	- Memory leak fixes for the PNG loader (Iain).

	- Fixes to gdk-pixbuf.m4 (Mathieu).

	- Updates for the new gdk_image_get() API return value

	- Offset computation fixes for the compositing functions
	  (Larry, Mitsuru, Helmethead, Federico).

	- Compositing fixes for greater accuracy (Federico).

	- Fixed the GDK_PIXBUF_LIBS output so that image libraries are
	  not linked with programs that use gdk-pixbuf (Miguel).



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