GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 "Hit Me Baby, One More Time" is out

The GNOME 1.4 Release Team is proud to announce GNOME 1.4 Beta 2 "Hit
Me Baby, One More Time". This is only a beta and there may be problems
with compiling and running. However, if you are adventurous and would
like to help with testing, get it from your favorite GNOME mirror site
in /pub/gnome/betas/gnome-1.4beta2. The mirror list is at:
We would also like to announce the GNOME Fifth Toe 1.4 Beta 2 release,
a collection of additional packages that are not part of the core
desktop but are designed to work well with GNOME. This should also be
available on gnome mirrors in /pub/gnome/betas/gnome-fifth-toe-1.4beta2
Bug reports for most packages should go in one of the following,
depending on the module:

If you plan to do serious testing, We suggest using the test plans in
the gnome-test-plans module in cvs, and available on the web at

The release team would like to give special thanks to some folks who
went above and beyond the call of duty to help with the release:

* Gregory Leblanc for helping out with our disastrous ftp mirror
  situation and test compiling and fixing resulting problems.

* Ade Lovett for finding and reporting FreeBSD problems.

* Everyone who installed, used and tested GNOME 1.4 Beta 1. We know it
  was rough getting it, compiling it, and running it, but all your
  hard work has helped make Beta 2 better.

* All GNOME package maintainers who got new releases made or
  let us know we could use an old release by the deadline.

* James Henstridge for being the first package maintainer to have
  let us know his packages were ready.


The GNOME 1.4 Release Team:

Jacob Berkman
Greg Corrin
Karl Gaffney
Jamin P. Gray
Kjartan Maraas
Dan Mueth
Ian T. Peters
Leslie Proctor
Maciej Stachowiak

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