gnome-media 1.2.3

Gnome-media 1.2.3 has been released.

This release is thanks to David Hampton <hampton employees org>. He
sent patches for the majority of bug fixes in this release, and
prompted me to fix a couple others.

These changes have been made:
* Only configure ALSA when the user asks for it (DH)
* use xml-i18n-tools for .desktop translations (me)
* gmix changes 
  * Don't apply changes in preferences immediately. Wait until 
    the user has clicked 'apply' (DH)
  * set gnome-volume.png to be the window icon, if it exists (Ximian)
  * improve the error message displayed if the mixer device 
    cannot be opened (Ximian)
  * Prefer the card name to the mixer name, in the mixer display (DH)
* grecord changes 
  * Reset the recording time when a new record session is started (DH)
  * Search the full path for the sox and gmix binaries (Ximian)
* tcd changes 
  * Make the GUI insensitive before exiting (Red Hat)
  * Only open the cdrom device temporarily for each action (Red Hat)
  * Try much harder to load a font. This fixes a segfault. (DH)
  * Create a CORBA interface for gtcd, to ensure that only one 
    copy is running at one time (Red Hat)
  * Recognize data tracks (DH)
  * Allow keybindings to be saved as a modifier+key pair, 
    rather than just a numeric key code (DH)
  * Several code cleanups and segfault fixes (DH, me)

You can find it here:

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