New release of eel (1.0.1)

There's a new release of the eel library available. This new version of the general-purpose library that's used by Nautilus contains some speed-ups and bug fixes.

This new version of eel has no new requirements that are different from the eel 1.0. Specifically, this eel will work with either librsvg 1.0.0 or librsvg 1.0.1 and with either Nautilus 1.0.3 or Nautilus 1.0.4.

Even though Nautilus will work with either the old or new version, Nautilus users should get an updated eel for best results. Packagers may want to create Nautilus 1.0.4 packages that request eel 1.0.1, since it has bug fixes that help Nautilus users.

Summary of the changes since 1.0:

	Speed up drawing of solid backgrounds. (Alex Larsson)

	Speed up handling of default fonts. (Alex Larsson)

	Switched from Alt to Control for list view key bindings to
	match changes in Nautilus and Sawfish. (John Harper)

	Fixed x/y problem that was causing a bug in Nautilus list view
	clicking. (Darin)

	Improve handling of URIs and escaped characters. (Darin)

	Fix some return_if_fails that were incorrect. (Darin, Ramiro)

	Make font manager code work even when there are tabs in the
	font control files. (Eungkyu Song, Darin)

	Make the font manager code work when fonts are symbolic links.
	(Frederic Devernay, Ramiro).

	Added more calls and clean up some implementation details,
	including more self check machinery. (Ramiro)

The source code tarball will be available on the server in the usual place as soon as the next update happens.

    -- Darin

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