ANNOUNCE: Guikachu 0.1 "Pocket Lint"

Dear users of both large and small computing tools,

Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical editing of resource
files for PalmOS-based pocket computers (get it?). It is written by
Gergő Érdi <cactus cactus rulez org>. 

Catch it all from

This is the initial release of Guikachu. It is not really more than a
demonstration of what it will look like.

	* Libxml-based I/O (no DTD yet for .guikachu files)
	* Exporting to PilRC .rcp files (compile with pilrc -H)
	* String resources: fully implemented
	* Dialog resources: only the assignment of help strings is
	* Menu resources: fully implemented (the user interface
	  might need some loving) 

Yet to come:
	* User interface improvements (e.g. context menus)
	* Per-application resources (e.g. version number, icon)
	* Form editor
	* Picture resources
	* `Help' attribute of dialog resources
	* Documentation
	* Sample file with sample GNU PalmOS SDK-based application
	* Bug-hunting

Guikachu uses GTK-- and GNOME-- for its user interface. File I/O is
implemented with the libxml package. Dialog windows are loaded via
libglade. You will need the versions of these packages available in
the GNOME 1.4 bundle.
To actually create the PalmOS resource files, you will also need PilRC
(part of the GNU PalmOS SDK) to compile the .rpc files produced by

Beware of bugemons!


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