Metatheme 0.6.3 released

Metatheme 0.6.3 Release Notes

Hello theme lovers!

Metatheme 0.6.3, code-named "Jayhawk", has been released.

What is metatheme?

Metatheme provides a way for users to save and restore snapshots of
their system's current theme configuration. This allows one-click 
simultaneous changing of background image, Gtk+ theme, Sawfish window
manager theme, and so forth.

What has been changed in this release?

* New XMMS preview for editor.
* New capplet icon by jimmac
* New translations: es, uk
* Gal dependency removed.
* Bug fixes for editor crashes.


control-center >= 1.5.x, libxml

* Source tarballs:
* GNOME CVS: module metatheme, stable branch gnome-1-4-branch

How to install the Bonus Example Theme if you are not using red-carpet
Untar ximian-south-meta-0.1.1.tar.gz to ~/.metathemes or

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