New version of Gfax

Version 0.5 of Gfax is now available.

The GFAX project aims to provide a free front end to the various
facsimile programs available for Linux and other operating systems that
use the GNOME project.  Gfax provides the familiar pop up window when
one prints to a "fax" printer.

Printing from phone books works again.  It's been broken for some time. 
Much better Hylafax support including better status feedback once a fax
is sent and also a progress bar when sending over the network.  The
usual round of bug fixes.

All in all I think this version works much better.

You can find it at


Just a solid round of thank you and best of the season to all the GNOME
team.  It really is a great desktop.  Well done.

George Farris - VE7FRG
George gmsys com

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