Gnome print 0.34 released

Gnome Print 0.34 has been released. This version is a bug fix update
from 0.32. Please visit:
For the announcement of 0.32.

This version contains some request from the XST guys for some features needed by
the font tool.

Availability (once the mirrors sync)

What's new

- Print preview clips now all graphics, including text and bitmaps -
  it makes gnumeric and sodipodi previews much nicer (Lauris)

- Fontmaps can contain per-locale default entries now, so unknown
  font names do not fall uniformly back to Helvetica any more (Lauris)

- Several fontmap and font installation fixes (Lauris)

- Added --dir flag to gnome-font-install (Tambet)

- Bugfixes in library code (Everyone)

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