GNOME control-center release

GNOME Control Center version 1.5.11
Version 1.5.11 of the Control Center has been released. 

Please download and try this out. If you have any question or comment,
please consult gnomecc-list gnome org or #xst on GNOME IRC. We are
interested in stabilizing the new control center, all bug reports will
be apreciated.

* Availability (after the mirrors sync).
The new control center is available at

The advanced capplets are available at

The capplet library is available at

* What's new 

	- Archiver issue fixed.
	- Palm conduits and names missing were fixed.

 	- libsound was added, thus you can configure your sounds events

 	- Many, many bug fixes and cleanups

* Installation instructions and prerequisites
This version of the control center requires the following packages in
addition to the GNOME 1.4 platform:

* bonobo-conf 0.12, (0.12 *highly* recommended) available at

* pkgconfig 0.8, available at

* gtkhtml >= 0.15, available at

* gal >= 0.12, available at

In addition, libcapplet must be compiled before control-center or



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