Eye of Gnome 0.5 "Tears in the Rain" is released

Dear lovers of big fat chords,

Version 0.5 of the Eye of Gnome image viewer, code-named "Tears in the
Rain", has been released.

This is the last release in the "EOG is a buzzword-compliant toy"
series.  We will not stop being buzzword-compliant, since members of
the appropriate sex wouldn't dig that, of course; instead we will rip
EOG to pieces and take on to the never-ending quest for abstraction:

	- EOG will be split into proper Bonobo components.

	- The framework for image collections will be implemented.

	- I will get off my butt and finish the thumbnailing stuff.

In short, EOG will not be just for breakfast anymore.  It will stop
just being the image viewer with the best zooming engine around, and
will start being the image viewer that killed all the others with
extreme prejudice.  We have a problem, and as is customary in such
situations we will throw so much technology at it that it will make
monkeys all over the world jump up in delight.

In the meantime, you can use EOG 0.5 to perform your usual browsing of
alt.binaries.pictures.furniture.  And once you get your fix, you can
send patches that will be greatly appreciated.

* Availability:


* Changes in this version:

	- You can now drag a bunch of filenames into a window and EOG
	  will open them for you (patch from Juan Pablo Mendoza).

	- Introduced a maximum zoom factor so that the gdk-pixbuf
	  scaling functions are happy (Federico).

	- Fixes to the documentation installation procedure

Happy hacking,


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