grdb 0.2.4 released

Hello World.

Grdb 0.2.4 has been released.

Grdb takes the colors and font settings from you gtk theme
and maps them to Motif/Xt/Tk programs. This makes your desktop
appear more consistent.

For more information, please see:

Not many changes here.

0.2.4 incorporates a few patches submitted by users while I was

One from Peter Teichman maps the netscape menu fonts to your theme
and causes motif text fields to use you specified fixed fonts.

The other from Bart Banhaute should fix problems with xlfds with
average width fields that aren't divisible by 10. If you were seeing
squished bold fonts, or no bold fonts, this should solve that problem

Also, 0.2.4 adds a new command line "--constants", which prints the 
the #defines that grdb would use, but doesn't run xrdb. The idea is 
you can use this and something like perl to generate color settings
for other programs/window managers.

Source and rpms available from the usual place:

Also, debian and slackware fans, please check the homepage for info
on packages for those versions.

Have Fun.
Sam Hunter <>

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