Announce: Jungle Monkey 0.1.9

Jungle Monkey 0.1.9 ("Magilla Gorilla") is now available.  This
release has better support for channels with many large files, better
network auto-configuration, a French translation, and many bug and
portability fixes.

JM 0.1.9 is available on the Jungle Monkey channel.  If you don't
already have JM, you can download it the old-fashioned way from

Source and DEB's available now.  RPM's will be available soon.

Jungle Monkey (JM) is a distributed file sharing program.  You join
channels where people offer files for download.  You can offer your
own files and create your own channels as well.  Once you download a
file, others can connect to you to get that file.  You can also search
for files and chat.

0.1.9 ("Magilla Gorilla" release)
* Better support for channels with many large files
* Better network configuration auto-detection
* French translation
* New HACKING file for developers, improved README and FAQ
* Many bug and portability fixes, including fixes for directory
	creation bug and FreeBSD interface bug

      __          _    __  David Helder - University of Michigan
  ___/ /__ __  __(_)__/ /
 / _  / _ `/ |/ / / _  /
 |_,_/|_,_/|___/_/|_,_/    Jungle Monkey:

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