Eye of Gnome 0.4 ¨Scream When You Burn" is released

Dear lovers of insanely cool image viewers,

Version 0.4 of the Eye of Gnome image viewer, code-named "Scream When
You Burn", has just been released.

First of all, I would like apologize for the extremely large delay
between the last version and this one.

It took me a long time to find a good code name, is all.

And I was busy and stuff.

But this version is here for your perusal, and it is the latest and
greatest yet.  You will love it for its new features and maybe hate it
for the two extra packages you have to compile.  But you'll love it
once you get to actually use the new features.

* Availability:


* Changes in this version:

	* Requires libglade stable and GConf 0.8.

	* We now have a wonderful user's manual courtesy of Eliot
	  Landrum.  This guy deserves a beer.

	* Greatly enhanced the scrolling engine.  Now it is fast and
	  nice.  It also supports a two-pass scrolling mode which is
	  useful for slow machines when scrolling zoomed images

	* New full screen viewing mode.  Look at your images on the
	  big screen! (Federico)

	* We support wheel mice; you can use the wheel for zooming

	* Windows can adjust their size and zoom factor automatically
	  when opening new images (Federico).

	* New preferences dialog and a slew of options to tinker with
	  (Arik, Federico).

	* The Bonobo part can now use OAF instead of GOAD (Maciej).

	* Plenty of Bonobo work (Michael, Iain, Maciej).

	* Miscellaneous UI polishing (Federico).n

	* New and updated translations (Fatih, Pablo, Rasta, Kjartan,
	  Jesús, Zbigniew, Yukihiro, Christopher, Andreas, Jarkko,
	  Valek, Gergo, Ville, Yuri, Kusano, Kenny, Kai, George,
	  Matthias, Federico).

Have fun,


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