sodipodi 0.19

Well, after a long silence I bumped the version number of sodipodi one
step upwards.

Sodipodi  is vector drawing program (imagine Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator
and cousins) for GNOME environment. It can do the most basic things any
such program has to - rectangles, ellipses, bezier curves, text and bitmap
images, save and load SVG files (this is actually the only file format it
knows), export png bitmaps etc.

This release needs very latest gnome-print (0.12) and bonobo (0.17) to

What's new:

- can use all fonts available to gnome (me)
- behaves quite well as bonobo component (me and Michael)
- undo/redo/cut/copy/paste (me)
- print preview (Chema)
- popup menu (me)
- object aligning (Frank)
- beginnings of direct XML editing (me)
- bugfixes++


Lauris Kaplinski

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