ANNOUNCE: Bonobo 0.17

Hi Guys,

	A new version 'Pristine Monkey' of Bonobo is out, this requires
the latest oaf-0.5.0 and is another step on the way to component

Main bits:

	* Monikers, total re-write along with some standard
	  monikers, 'file', 'oafiid', 'item' (Myself)

	* Aggregate Object finalization bug nailed (Federico)

	* Switched to a single Oaf build (Gnorba is no longer
          supported) cleaning loads of cruft, object activation 
	  cleaned, bonobo-selector API shrunk (Myself)

	* Bonobo has been split into GUI-less and GUI versions of
          Bonobo (bonobo, bonobox libraries to assist non-gui Bonobo 
	  component development (Myself).

	* Property Bag Client - new more flexible helper
	  interface removing BonoboObjectClient (Myself)

Bugs fixed:

	* Evil, fatal, intermittent plug / socket unrealize bug
	inherited from Gtk fixed (Federico, Myself)

	* UI handler bugs nailed (Darin, Myself, Peter Williams)

	* Bonobo-Widget bug nailed (Dan)

	* Blocking problems in listners fixed (Ettore)

	* Spec file sorted (Robin Slomkowski)

	* Updated docs/refcounting.txt and enforced inter object
	  ref counting policy globaly

	* Various naming daftnesses cleaned (Gergo)

--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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