OAF 0.5.0 released

OAF is the new Object Activation Framework for GNOME. OAF has a
similar purpose to gnorba, the GNOME 1.x CORBA activation library, and
will replace it for GNOME 2.0.

It allows you to do much more powerful activation queries than gnorba.
Each server is described by an XML file that defines it's
attributes. When querying or activating, one may specify complex
requirements using the OAF query language.


* New in this release

        * Added factory skeletons to liboaf (Mathieu Lacage, Maciej Stachowiak)

        * Renamed gnome-factory.idl to oaf-factory.idl, and renamed
        GNOME::GenericFactory to GNOME::ObjectFactory (Mathieu Lacage,
        Maciej Stachowiak)

        * Preliminary API docs (Mathieu Lacage)

        * -Werror turned off for releases, by popular demand (Maciej Stachowiak)

        * Renamed "Attribute" to "Property" throughout, since "attribute" is
        an IDL reserved word. (ERDI Gergo, Maciej Stachowiak)

        * Fix compilation with builddir != srcdir (Mathieu Lacage)

        * Improved handling of duplicate oafinfo files. (Mathieu Lacage)

        * Turkish, German, Russian, Danish, Norwegian translations
        (translation team)

        * Added internationalization support (Mathieu Lacage)

        * Renamed `supports' method to `manufactures' in
        GNOME::GenericFactory interface. (ERDI Gergo)

        * Added support for /etc/oaf-config.xml to tell OAF where to
        look for oafinfo files.

        * Added timeout for servers that don't register themselves
        (Michael Meeks)

        * Added support for GNOME_PATH environment variable (Mathieu

        * Numerous build fixes (Robin * Slomkowski)

        * oaf-slay program (Michael Meeks)

        * Improved test program (Michael Meeks)

        * IID validation (Michael Meeks)

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